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BiS Hands You the Controls

Building Integrated Services supports a variety of controls systems including Tridium/Niagara products, Honeywell, Vicon, Novar, Trane legacy systems, Honeywell Security Systems as well as a selection of other products. The progress made in Building Management Systems (BMS) has allowed clients to be in control of the purchase, service, and optimization of their BMS. 

BiS creates a complete building automation system design that incorporates all systems to a single point for intelligent building sustainability. This all-inclusive vertical integration of HVAC, lighting, plumbing, and electrical will allow Facility Managers, Building Owners, and even individual users to monitor the health, efficiency, and general conditions of the environment.

Our integrated approach gives our clients control of the purchase, service, and optimization of their own Building Management System. Please contact Building Integrated Services to learn how our software integrators can eliminate your need for sole source distribution of BMS systems.

Controls Integration

  • Building Automation Systems (Tridium / Niagara Platform)
  • Multi-Utilities Metering
  • Variable Frequency Drive Systems


  • Fire, Security, Lighting and Mechanical Systems Integration and support